Womens Guide to Cycling

Some women find it hard to adapt to cycling more than men do. This article will comprise of a basic biking guide for women and biking when on periods.

A women’s guide to biking

Below are some very helpful tips for women who want to go for biking adventures. You will find this information extremely helpful if it’s your first time and even if you are a pro at this, I believe there are still a few tips you will learn that you never knew before.

 Buy the right size mountain bike- Men can easily adjust to any size but women tend to be more delicate and any form of straining may cause complications. That’s why you need to purchase a bike that fits you perfectly. You should be keen on the size of the frame and whether you are comfortable with its height in general.

 Set up the bike perfectly- Some of the bike’s part can be adjusted like the saddle and the handlebars. Therefore, you need to learn how to adjust them to your desired height to ensure that you are comfortable when riding thus not straining your legs or arms when you are on the move.

 Purchase cycling bibshorts- Cycling shorts are designed with additional padding that improves your comfort by reducing chafing between your body and the saddle. They should be tight enough, be of desirable knee length and have a firm grip on your waist to prevent sliding down thus having to keep on pulling them up.

 Pack a tool kit and a first aid kit- These tools comes in handy when you get a flat tire or the chain comes off and you still have some distance to cover. No matter how experienced you are, minor accidents will always occur when you are cycling. That’s why you should always make sure to pack a first aid kit to clean cuts and scratches to avoid getting an infection. Therefore, you should first lean how to do the basic repairs before heading out for an adventure because you can never be sure of what will happen.

 Always carry a spare tube and a tyre- You need to always carry these spares in case you get a puncture. Remember to include a tire lever in your tool kit used to remove the damaged tyre off the rim and a pump to inflate the new tube.

 Check the air pressure of the tyres- Nowadays there are the modern pressure pumps available in the market that comes with a digital gauge hence checking the air pressure becomes easier. Therefore, invest in one to be on a safer side.

 Always wear protective garments- There are helmets that are mainly designed for women with ponytails hence they have an opening at the back which makes things more comfortable than having to stuff all the hair inside the helmet. Make sure you buy a decent helmet brand like fox or giro and read the reviews first.

The helmet should also be made from a strong material and be of the right fit to protect your skull to prevent fatal head injuries.

You should also consider investing in a cycling jacket, it should be water and wind proof to keep you dry and to ensure that it doesn’t slow you down when it extremely windy. They also come with water-proof pockets thus you don’t have to worry about where to put your phone. Ensure that you also buy quality gloves to protect your hands. 

 Pack a hydrating kit- The last thing you want is to feel dehydrated when cycling because this could cause loss of consciousness. Cycling burns a lot of calories thus you need to pack some energy drinks, sufficient water, energy bars and snacks to refresh yourself when you feel too exhausted.

 Bring a cycling friend- Human beings are social and cycling alone could be very boring hence you cannot even cycle for long distances. Bring along a cycling friend to chat with to make the adventure more interesting.

Cycling when on periods

Cycling when you are on period has a lot of benefits. It helps you get off the bad mood and it’s a form of exercise hence it reduces the abdominal pains. Below are a few tips on how to cycle when on periods.

 Use tampons- Not every woman prefers to wear tampons but they are a better choice when cycling compared to normal pads. They don’t move around when you are riding your bike thus they don’t cause chafing which can be very annoying and uncomfortable.

 Pack some pain relievers- Some women experience intense abdominal pains when they are on their periods hence riding could increase the discomfort. That’s why it is necessary to pack some pain killers to ease the pain.

 Drink caffeine- Caffeine goes a long way by kicking you off the lazy mood. It also accelerate the effect of pain killers hence you feel the effect faster.

 Try menstruation cups-This may take time to get used to having it on but as time goes you become comfortable. Remember that what works for me might not work for me so do your research to settle on what works best for you.

 Learn to listen to your body- Your body is usually very sensitive at this time and your hormones are all over. Don’t force yourself to do anything that your body doesn’t want to do to avoid making the situation worse. I would also advise you to cycle on even trails to ensure that you feel comfortable and free from danger.

 Eat more- Make sure to eat a filling meal before heading out to ensure that you have the necessary energy to cycle your bike. Last but not least, do not overeat because this can make you feel even more uncomfortable and slow you down.