Killer Mountain Bike Brands


How can you find the perfect mountain bike for your needs? With so many on the market it can be tough to pick the right make/model. Here are some of the top manufacturers on the market:

1. Norco
Here’s another popular brand on the market. It’s often considered as one of the best MTB bikes on the market. That includes comparisons with brands like Specialized, Trek, Giant, and others. Many fans have even argued that Norco produces the best mountain bikes on the market. That’s definitely worth noting.

The company produces various bikes including the Shinobi 2 which is a fast/light-weight trail bike. Some owners who have purchased this bike have argued it’s one of the best MTB brands on the market. Other models have also received positive reviews including the Norco Wolverine. It’s definitely a brand you should consider.

2. Lapierre
This brand has received high marks for its mountain bikes. It’s received high marks for the overall quality and other details. In fact, it’s considered one of the top options in the price range. For example, many owners have been pleased about the bike’s performance on down-hill tracks, for example. Some customers who have had their bikes for several years have claimed it’s one of the best options on the market.

3. Pivot
Pivot is always producing innovative MTBs. That includes features like the engineering and other factors. Some of the top features include suspension, frame, ride quality, etc. Many fans would place the brand at the top of their “best” list.

4. KHS
Here’s another MTB brand you should consider. Many fans consider the brand to be one of the best MTB. That’s because it’s a good choice if you’re looking for a high-quality bike. The prices are highest than in the past but the quality of the brand is still there.

5. Fuji
The company doesn’t just make camera film. The company’s mountain bikes have also received many great reviews including the Tahoe LE. In fact, some customers have claimed their Fuji bike is the best one they’ve ever owned. The bikes have received high marks for things like quality, suspension, design, etc. If you’re in the market for a new MTB you should definitely consider Fuji, since it produces a wide range of quality bikes.

6. Diamondback
This brand became famous for its MTX bikes but also produces some high-quality mountain bikes. In fact, it’s sometimes received higher marks than other brands like Giant, GT, etc. It’s really a matter of opinion but you should definitely consider Diamondback when picking a new MTB. That’s because it can provide a lot of benefits like high-quality construction and other features. This can provide you with an excellent biking experience.

In fact, it’s interesting that the company didn’t start producing more MTB bikes until 2012. It’s considered one of the top brands for mid-range prices. That includes other brands like Santa Cruz and others. If you’re comparing different brands you should definitely consider Diamondback.

Which of these brands will you consider for your next mountain bike?