What are the health benefits of mountain biking?

Mountain biking is a popular sport, where you can cycle through the woods on a mountain bike. A difference with mountain biking is that you get more variation during cycling. You cycle among other things in the woods, where you have to overcome uneven paths and hills. Mountain biking therefore also has a totally different burden on the body. There is a lot of demand for the muscle strength in the legs.

Keeps you healthy and physically fit

In the past, apples had to be eaten to keep the doctor out of doors, nowadays that is cycling. Moving, in general, supports your resistance, so you are better equipped to attack bacteria and viruses. A study has shown that people who cycle at least 30 minutes every day for at least 5 days a week take half fewer days off sick than people who do not cycle or do not exercise in general.

It reduces your biological age

We all know that cycling is healthy, no one can contradict that. But did you know that you can lower your biological age by 9 years if you cycle 45 minutes three times a week? In general, it can be said that people who regularly exercise, such as cycling, suffer less from obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes 2, cardiovascular diseases and some forms of cancer.

Improves your digestion

Physical movement ensures that your digestion will work faster and more efficiently. The faster working of your intestines, combined with the ability to absorb more water, ensures better digestion of your food. In general, we can state that by exercising your muscles are kept in shape.

Surprisingly great for your skin

Many studies have been conducted on the effects of sports, but this research is very specialized. Dermatologists have examined the effects of cycling with regard to the skin. Not only the movement by cycling but also by moving in the open air turned out to have a very positive effect on your skin. The circulation of the blood in your skin is increased by the outside air and the movement so that more oxygen and nutrients can be supplied, and the toxins are discharged faster and more efficiently.

Mountain biking for better sleep!

People who cycle 20-30 minutes every day immediately notice that the time needed to fall asleep is halved, and in addition, you sleep for an hour longer. Only these two facts are already good for your health. By being outside, and exposing yourself to daylight, your body gives you the chance to bring the natural day and night rhythm better into balance.

Boosts brain power

A study of the relationship between exercise and brain activity has been carried out a while ago. During a study, the subjects who cycled regularly made the tests offered much better than those who did not do any kind of exercise. Exercise ensures that the production of brain cells is increased. Not only in general but especially in the part of the brain that is responsible for your memory. In addition, the oxygen content in the brain increases as the blood circulation increases by moving.